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Belly Fat & Breathing Problems - Relationship With Obesity

Posted On 04/05/19

Obesity – Not Just About Being Fat!

The common perception about obesity is associated with symptoms of overweight, excessive fat and overeating. However there is more to obesity than not being able to fit into your clothes. While being overweight is definitely one of the associated symptoms of obesity, it is quite likely that a person may be obese and not still apparently exhibit any typical symptoms of obesity. This is possible through measurement system known as BMI or Body Mass Index. Experts prefer to use the BMI system to compare height to weight of a particular individual. There is a standard range of BMI indexes for every age group and if a person’s weight exceeds the stipulated limit by at least 20% then they could be liable to be medically diagnosed as obese. Hence under certain conditions, the symptoms may not be visible apparently but a physical check-up is bound to reveal the fact. That is why we strongly recommend routine physical checkups to ensure all ailments are kept at bay. Contrary to the common perception such cases of obesity may not have been triggered by tendencies of overeating and physical inactivity.

Effects & Outcome of Obesity:

Obesity is defined by experts as a ratio of an individual’s body weight to their height exceeding a permissible range by at least more than 20 %. Under such circumstances the situation is deemed a medical condition and the patient is likely to suffer from bouts of elevated blood pressure levels. This condition is also termed as hypertension in medical jargon. When the bones and the supporting framework of an obese patient have to work under more weight for same functions, they are easily stressed and hence it results in a greater workload for the heart needing to pump twice the amount of blood to meet the increased pressure. This effect does not stop at the heart itself and has a ripple effect cascading to the kidney as well. When the arteries are under pressure and blood flow in them thickens, the filtering process of the kidneys is affected as well. Prolonged breathlessness at simple functions is also another symptom arising from obesity. Breathlessness follows into sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a host of other chronic ailments. Obesity is the gateway for hypertension and together they form a lethal combination of ailments leading to cardiovascular problems as well. The situation is further aggravated when obesity is associated with excessive body fat in the patient, often with unpleasant outcomes. Body fat leads to increasing chances of blockage in arteries and thickening of blood flow.


There is no harm in having a healthy appetite or the desire to pamper your taste buds often, however what is important that you shed the calories you are piling on with immediate and unfailing exercise. Exercise, irrespective of the amount and form is never wasted and is irreplaceable. No amount of health capsules and miracle drugs can supplement the requirement and benefits of exercise on a routine basis. Neither are they recommended by experts at our facility. However, exercise alone cannot get you to the goal that you want to achieve. And losing weight is the only solution to a speedy recovery from obesity.The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is strongly advocated for loosing excess weight by removing a major portion of stomach.It reduces body weight by a noticeably large amount and relieves a person suffering from obesity and its unwanted complications.It reduces body weight by a noticeably large amount and relieves a person suffering from obesity and its unwanted complications. At Max Healthcare Hospital in New Delhi we correct obesity and give patients a fresh lease of life again. Every person has a window to resume a normal life and activities with Dr. Nikhil Agnihotri leading from the top. 


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