Roux-En -Y Gastric Bypass

In this weight loss treatment procedure a very small, micro pouch of stomach is created to which small bowel loop is attached. Intestinal re-routing is done to create a Roux – En - Y configuration which prevents reflux of bile into the micro pouch and also provides a very small degree of malabsorption.

The surgeon re-arranges the small intestine and creates two channels in the intestinal tract by cutting the small intestine into two sections. One of these sections is called the Biliopancreatic limb/ Biliary limb which is the shorter portion of the small intestine and the other, which is a longer portion of the small intestine, is called the Alimentary limb. The Biliary limb remains attached to the remainder of the old stomach and the bile ducts while Roux limb is attached to the smaller stomach pouch. This creates a gastric bypass. Thus the food that enters the smaller pouch of the stomach passes through the small intestine directly bypassing most of the stomach. This means one of the intestinal tract channels is used to pass food while the other is used for digestive juices. Food and digestive juices get mixed in the common channel where digestion begins.

Roux – En – Y Gastric Bypass promotes weight loss treatment by limiting the amount of food that the body can consume thus lowering the patient’s appetite and reducing the amount of calories absorbed by the body. This also causes hormonal changes in the body and brings about resolution or improvement in co-morbid conditions.

Authored By Dr.Nikhil Agnihotri

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