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Posted On 04/05/2018

Have you been worrying about your outsized figure? Are you self-conscious when you see yourself in the mirror? Is it that round tummy that is making it more obvious? Fret not, for its time to forget obesity and oversized body. Diabesity is here with the most promising solutions to solve the problems affecting your confidence and self-esteem.  The best weight loss surgery in New Delhi is provided by diabesity at a reasonable price.

Sleeve gastrectomy is the surgical removal of a part of the stomach so as to reduce the body weight. The stomach is removed along the greater curvature to reduce to about 25% of the stomach size. We, at Diabesity, provide you with the best opportunity to feel the real you, to actually be what you've always wanted.

Sleeve gastrectomy is usually performed laparoscopically, making it less tedious and painful for the patient. Laparoscopic Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most popularity gaining weight loss procedure worldwide. Even though a part of the stomach is removed, it does not affect the nutrient absorption or digestion process. As the size of the stomach decreases, the appetite reduces apparently and the intake of the food too will be appropriate.

Postoperatively, our patients are guided with their diets and all necessary measures are employed to prevent complications. We, at Diabesity, promise each of our patients dedicated care and medical support crucial for recovery from the procedure and subsequent weight loss during follow-up.

Now, don't get worried about the cost of sleeve gastrectomy that you wish to undergo. Relatively, the surgery being costly, we provide with the best of results at affordable rates, without compromising on the quality. Let your smile reflect back at you. Let the lost charm be back! We, Diabesity can help you with that! The best laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is provided by us.

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