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Myths And The Truth About Exercise And Weight Loss

Posted On 03/05/2018

When the weighing scale frightens someone the common reaction is ‘Lets hit the gym’ tomorrow itself.

According to what people think, exercises have a great role in reducing weight and it is quite common to see people working day in and out for the same. Sad to say, but the basic concept of weight loss is wrong amongst us. Exercises do not cut down your weight to a great extent as you expect for the physical effort you put in.

For the energy consumed through the intake of the food, expenditure is
1. Basal Metabolic Rate - the energy for basic body functions- 60-80%.
2. Digestion of foods - about 10%
3. Energy used in the physical activity - which leaves around 10-30% only.

The fact is, there is a limit to the energy that you can burn, however hard you try to work out, after which the whole exercise-thing seems pointless. Thus, including a regular physical exercise to your routine will not make a significant change in the weight, without diet control.

After the exercise, people try to slip out of the diet plan, creating huge setback than good. A workout of 1 hour, when followed by a slice of pizza, can outweigh all the efforts that you had put in at the gym by adding calories of multi-magnitude that you tried to burn off through physical exercises. Even people slow down after the workout in their other non-gym-physical activities, which is called as compensatory behaviors. Exercises have been overestimated for the number of calories they burn.

On the contrary, physical exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Exercises have the magical power of keeping your health safe and secure from lifestyle diseases, even cancers but unfortunately, it is not an antiobesity-therapy. We at Diabesity advice to adopt the food control behaviors with a tab on calories. The intake of junk, fatty foods have to be reduced as the first step towards treating your obesity.

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