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When Obesity Makes You Turn All Red

Posted On 06/07/18

When Obesity Makes You Turn All Red - ￰ The Connection Between Obesity And Blood Pressure 

       At times following those taste buds of yours can make you binge-eat. Your body is bound to show those calories you ate along with signs like
 - Breathlessness leading to sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 - Sweating beyond usual
 - Joint disease (e.g., osteoarthritis)
 - Certain types of cancers (e.g. breast and uterine cancer in women)
 - Heart diseases
 - Depression
 - Gallbladder or liver disease
 - High blood pressure
 - High cholesterol
 - Diabetes

Being obese!

Obesity is something more than you not fitting into those old jeans of yours. It can be equated with overweight but its much more. Experts define obesity in terms of body mass index ie by relating height to weight of an individual.
If a person's body weight is at least 20% higher than the ideal weight he or she is considered obese.


Obesity makes your bones, joints, and organs stress more hence these would have to carry out a larger workload than usual. Obesity is closely connected with elevated blood pressure levels (hypertension). The pressure applied by blood on the arterial walls increases hence the heart has to work double time to pump enough blood.
The level of stress on the heart is increased with a strain on your kidneys. The filtering process of the kidneys is hampered when the thickening of blood vessels limits the blood flow.
Cardiovascular problems arise as a result of hypertension and obesity combined. The risk factor increases if there's an abundance of belly fat.


Burn your carbs and lose weight: Even the slight weight loss means more energy and more confidence to face the world.
Hit the gym and follow a proper diet: Working out can be hard but is surely worth the pain. Low-intensity exercises ease the strain from the heart and thus helps to reduce the risks of heart diseases.

Being plump is not a crime. In fact what being plump leads you to is a matter of concern.

We at Max Healthcare Hospital, New Delhi headed by Dr. Nikhil Agnihotri offer the best obesity treatment in India and the best weight loss treatment in New Delhi. Hypertension gets corrected once a person loses weight.


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