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Hernia and its Laparoscopic Repair

Posted On 07/09/20

Hernia is said to occur when the fatty tissue or an organ pushes through the weakened part of the surrounding muscle wall or connecting tissue. Most of them occur in the abdominal area.

Hernias are of many types like:
a. Congenital Diaphragmatic, which is a birth defect needing surgery.
b. Umbilical, which happens around the navel/belly button area.
c. Incisional, when it happens through a scar in the area.
d. Hiatal, when a small opening occurs in the upperpart of the abdomen, allowing abdominal organs to move into the chest.
e. Inguinal, which occurs in the groin area and is the most common one.

Hernias need surgical repair or they may get complicated such as irreducibility with pain, intestinal obstruction or strangulation and the best approach to repair is a Laparoscopic Repair also called Minimally Invasive Surgery. Here, several small incisions are made in the abdomen.
Then a Laparscope, which is a slender tool with a bright light and tiny camera at one end is inserted, allowing the Surgeon to assess inside. Using small sized instruments inserted similarly, the repair is performed. A large surgical mesh is placed over the defective area and fixed in place with sutures, staples or adhesive paste. Technically, it is similar to open surgery, except that it is done inside the abdomen without large incisions.

Benefits include: much less and smaller internal and external scars; a very small hospital stay time; much lesser pain and the ability to resume work early.

However,immediate medical help should be sought if:
a. Fever above 101 F or 39 C.
b. Increasing swelling around the groin, with bleeding.
c. Vomiting that is persistent.
d. When medication does not provide any relief for pain, which is continuous.
e. Inability to urinate.
f. Foul smelling discharge from the incision areas.
g. Inability to ingest.

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